What is Hudani Beauty?

Hudani Beauty is an artistry founded company. Education and artistry are in the core of this company. Hudani Beauty believes true magic lies in the details. Each brush allows you to experience the power of precision and ignites your creativity. Hudani Beauty's hope is that the meticulous makeup routine you acquire with these brushes also positively impact other areas of your life. How we do one thing is how we do everything.

Let our brushes be your magical tools to create.

How it works

Meet the Brushes

Made for anyone looking for their signature look, or the Artist ready to elevate their skills.

  • Almond eyeshape

    Almond eyes are narrow and oval with elongated ends. HD1 will be a great brush to sweep color on the crease and bring it to the temple. HD2 will be the best brush to define the outer corner. HD4 is the brush you will use for your inner corner whether you want to add a brighter color or add shadow liner to define the shape of your eye. HD5 will be the perfect brush to blend out your lash line and lower lash line.

  • Round eyeshape

    Round eyes are open and have a good amount of lid space. HD1 is the perfect brush to add a brown color all over the lid and add a transition color on your crease. HD2 will be the perfect brush to add shimmer on your lid, precisely. HD4 will be the perfect brush to add shadow liner to your lash liner or smudge out liner on the lash line. HD5 will be the perfect brush to add color to your lower lash line or brow bone.

  • Hooded eyeshape

    Hooded eyes are when excess skin droops from the brow bone over the top part of the eye. Essentially, not much lid space. HD1 will be a great brush to add a soft color in the crease and over the lid. HD2 will be the best brush to add a brighter shimmer to the lid and open your eyes to add the color to the inner/mid lid. Keeping your eyes open when adding shimmer will help you place product precisely. HD4 is the best brush to add a shadow wing liner or add details to any look. HD5 is the perfect brush to add a deeper shade to the outer corner. With hooded eyes don't be afraid to add depth to the outer corner. Keep the deeper colors low and slowly build the color up as needed. HD1 will help you blend the deeper color out in between layers!

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Are Hudani Beauty products Vegan?

At Hudani Beauty moral obligation is our priority. Animals are not harmed during the process of creating these brushes.

What kind of Bristles are Hudani Beauty Brushes made of?

Hudani Beauty Brushes are made with vegan PBT synthetic fibers.

How do I wash Hudani Beauty Brushes?

Add a dime size amount of dawn soap to a plate or cup and dip the brush into the soap prior to wetting. Lightly move brush back and forth hands or silicone brush cleaner and rinse. Repeat with each brush

How do I use Hudani Beauty Brushes?

This is a great and important question. Hudani Beauty is a company founded by a professional makeup artist. The most important thing to us is that you are aware of how to use our products. You can find tutorials for each brush in the image sections and our instagram and TikTok are filled with great ways/techniques. Give us a follow and if you create with our brushes we would love to see!