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The Face Trio

The Face Trio

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These are the perfect face brushes for all your complexion needs! Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist makeup lover you will not want to miss out on these three brushes. 

 Brushes included:

HF1: This is the perfect face brush for all your cream products. The angled synthetic duo fibers allow you to place cream products precisely in each area of your face. Use this for concealer, foundation, cream contour, cream blush, and even a décolletage cream highlight. 

HF2: This brush is for all your powder products. The tapered shape and fluffy bristles allow you to get into all the spaces of your face while creating a seamless blend.

HF3: This dense + flexible duo fiber brush is your new brush bff! It will help you blend out your concealer like a dream. This brush can be used to apply and blend your cream/liquid blush or contour, leaving you with a more detailed and sculpted look. Your makeup routine will be changed forever with the HF3. 


These are apart of the Hudani Face Collection. 

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